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Divine Bitch: Maitresse Madeline
Slave: Jason Miller
Lead Slave: Kade
It's judgment day! Jason Miller has made it to the top. He's endured 4 days of training with 4 different Divine Bitches and now faces his biggest challenge yet, Queen Bee; Maitresse Madeline. In this very intense and very real shoot you see Jason FINALLY fully submit. He's heavily caned, heavily flogged, his cock is locked up and tortured. He's brutally strap-on fucked in the ass in a humiliating pile driver position. Jason is tied up, locked in chastity and teased and denied while Maitresse's pussy juice drips in his mouth as she uses her lead slave's face for a dildo gag. Even after all his training Jason still humps the air and begs for release. He can't help himself. Does he get it or will Madeline tease and ultimately deny him forever?  
Maitresse's Evaluation

rely on the integrity and strength of the domme

fully yield all control to the domme

positive emotion resulting from submission

Closing assessment

fully submitted
prideful sub
shall remain a chastity slave
finally understood his reasoning for being here

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